Caryn Frederiksen

Mrs. Caryn Frederiksen


University of Northern Iowa

  • B.A. Elementary Education
  • Minor in Spanish

I am very excited to join the St. Patrick staff as a 3rd and 4th grade teacher. In 1999 I received my BA from University of Northern Iowa in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish. After moving around for a couple of years, I married my husband Shawn in May of 2002. We moved to Oskaloosa, IA, where I was a substitute teacher for 1 ½ years before taking a full-time job in a local bank. While working there for eight years, I had both of our boys, Vincent and Grant.

Shawn was hired at the John Deere Foundry in Waterloo in December of 2010. The boys and I were able to move and join him May 2011. The next three years kept me at home with Grant, beginning with a Direct Sales company, and pursuing my faith deeper. When Grant started kindergarten, I began substitute teaching in Cedar Falls schools. After working in all grades, I was asked to do a long term placement for a maternity leave in 2nd grade. What an affirmation from God that I had chosen the profession of my future. In fall 2017 and spring 2018, I substituted for 4th and 6th grade teachers on maternity leave. How blessed to be recommended! It was a glorious year of serving each of those classrooms while those teachers were able to spend time with their newborns.

My family and I enjoy hanging out together, whether just at home or on mini vacations. You may often find me reading a new book on education or personal development, being with friends and family, as well as learning about other cultures. Vincent enjoys a new found love of running and Grant enjoys golf. Shawn dreams of the days he will fix tractors on an acreage instead of our garage.

My excitement to serve your families comes with great honor. My passion for learning will shine in my teaching, and I look forward to being able continue my journey in faith more outwardly at St. Patrick.