Lora Sink

Mrs. Lora Sink


University of Northern Iowa

  • Majored in American Government

I teach social studies and language arts to 6th through 8th grade students. My favorite unit to teach is the Constitution and U.S. government. My husband, Steve, is a St. Patrick alum and our five children either attend or attended St. Patrick or Columbus Catholic High School.

The family environment makes St. Patrick a very special place. We truly care for one another. That is just one of the many reasons why Steve and I have sent our own children to St. Patrick School.

I received my B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa, with a major in American government. I have been a member of St. Patrick Church since 1992 and have served on various committees at both the parish and the school, including the Welcoming Committee. I am also a tech trainer for the Archdiocese of Dubuque.