Order Scrip

 Plan ahead with our Spring Scrip Schedule

Local orders will be placed weekly on Mondays by 10:30 a.m. and ready by the following Friday. Great Lakes Orders will be placed on the dates below. 

Scrip will also be sold after weekend Masses. If you are not at Mass, use one of the other order methods below and pay when you pick up. We will order Great Lakes and Local on each of the order dates listed. Great Lakes includes over 700 vendors!

Great Lakes
Order Date Orders Ready by
Mon, Jan 7 Fri, Jan 11
Mon, Feb 4 Fri, Feb 8
Mon, Feb 18 Fri, Feb 22
Mon, Mar 4 Fri, Mar 8
Mon, March 11 or 25 TBD Fri, 
Mon,  Apr 8 Fri, Apr 12
Mon, Apr 15 Fri, Apr 19
Mon, Apr 29 Fri, May 3
Mon, May 13 Fri, May 17
Mon, May 20

Save on your tuition and help St. Patrick School just by using gift cards for your purchases at stores, restaurants, and more. If you have a student at St. Patrick, half of the rebate listed is applied to your tuition!


  1. IN STOCK (I) gift cards we try to keep on hand
  2. LOCAL gift cards we pick up every week
  3. GREAT LAKES gift cards we order on specific Mondays
    • Popular vendors/chains listed on our paper form (link at top of page)
    • Any cards at ShopWithScrip.com (over 700 vendors!)
  4. For those who set up online accounts, ScripNow eCards and ReloadNow are also available 

BUY IN STOCK CARDS AFTER WEEKEND MASSES at the Scrip table in the Narthex.


  • LOCAL or available IN STOCK (I) items will be ready on Thursday.
  • GREAT LAKES items are ordered on the specific Mondays (listed above) and ready on those Thursdays. 

Four ways to order:

  1. turn in a paper ORDER FORM after Mass or at school
  2. fill in the online entry form below 
  3. email scrip@cfcatholicschool.org
  4. order online at ShopWithScrip.com (instructions to set up an account)

Two ways to pay:

  1. check/cash (submit with form or when you pick up your order)
  2. PrestoPay which links your bank account with ShopWithScrip

 Know what your want? PLACE YOUR ORDER BELOW:

Tell us what you would like to purchase (example: 2 Kohl's $50).

I will send a check to school.
I will pay at the scrip table after weekend Mass.

I am so impressed with the multi-faceted education our children receive at St. Patrick School!  From kindergarten through middle school, the kids are taught how to get up in front of others to read and give presentations and to be comfortable with it!  I love how they get individualized instruction, that the teachers know them well, and that serving the community and working as groups are part of the curriculum.  The atmosphere nurtures fostering our faith which is priceless!

—Sheryl, parent