There are many ways you can help our school and keep tuition costs low.

  • Use Scrip for your every day shopping, gas, groceries, dining out, and gifts. You can earn money for tuition in addition to earning a percentage for the school.
  • Save Hy-Vee receipts, Box Tops for Education, Kwik Star Milk Moola and Tyson A+ labels. Read about qualifying Hy-Vee purchases
  • Hungry for Pizza? Buy Godfather's the second Wednesday of every month during the school year from Godfather's Pizza on 1st Street in Cedar Falls. We earn a percentage of sales. Help more by purchasing Scrip and by cutting the fedora off of the box (=$0.25) and sending them to school. Turn in the flyer from your child's class so our school is credited with your purchase. The homeroom that turns in the most flyers wins a pizza party from Godfather's!
  • Order or renew your magazines through the school. Order other items all year. Visit and enter 2624674 for our school code.
  • Make a donation to the school or to the school endowment fund. Contact Principal Lynette Hackett for more information. If your employer matches charitable contributions, your gift gives even farther.

I am so impressed with the multi-faceted education our children receive at St. Patrick School!  From kindergarten through middle school, the kids are taught how to get up in front of others to read and give presentations and to be comfortable with it!  I love how they get individualized instruction, that the teachers know them well, and that serving the community and working as groups are part of the curriculum.  The atmosphere nurtures fostering our faith which is priceless!

—Sheryl, parent