Get 'Silly' for Scrip Contest

posted 10/22/2018 in Announcements

Get 'Silly' for Scrip Contest!

The homeroom that earns the most points from October 24 to November 26 will be rewarded with the opportunity to cover Mrs. Hackett and their teacher with Silly String!

How do you earn a point? Your student's homeroom will earn one point for every dollar of Scrip purchased. If you have more than one student, each homeroom will get the points. Class size will be taken into account when determining the winner.  

There will be fun activities along the way as we tally the counts. Watch for them on Instagram and Facebook!

If you don’t have an online account set up, contact the office to learn how. Online orders make it easy to take advantage of promotions and flash bonus rebates. Daily bonuses for online orders placed from Oct. 24 -30 can be found by clicking on Scrip Bonus Fest at the bottom of our school homepage. Sign up for emails through your account or follow ShopWithScrip on Facebook to get more promotions and news about Scrip. Anyone can purchase the small denomination gift cards only available during the holiday season while quantities last.

Make using Scrip a habit. Our Scrip program earned about $13,282 last year for our school and our families.  Gas, groceries, restaurants… you can find a Scrip certificate for almost anything you need for the holidays or every day. Thank you for being a part of the Scrip Program!

To place an order, use this paper form, visit to print more or submit an order, or set up an online account to make your holiday and Black Friday shopping even easier!