Our goal is to help make a Catholic education affordable for your family. St. Patrick Catholic School welcomes students of all faiths. We strive to keep our tuition affordable, while maintaining an optimal student to teacher ratio (currently 16:1). Tuition assistance is available to qualifying families. 

2019-2020 K-Gr 8 Tuition for Supporting Parishioners

  • 1st child: $2673 + 325 = $2998
  • 2nd child: $2424 + 325 = $2749
  • 3rd, 4th  child: $2047+ 325 = $2372

2019-2020 K-Gr 8 Tuition for Non-Parishioners

  • 1st child: $3673 + 325 = $3998
  • 2nd child: $3424 + 325 = $3749
  • 3rd, 4th  child: $3047+ 325 = $3372

$325 = $145 non-refundable tuition deposit + $180 technology fee

$75 of the tuition deposit is due March 1. The $70 balance of the tuition deposit and the $180 technology fee are due at August registration. If registering after March 1, the tuition deposit is $175 per student.

For details on tuition and fees, including optional fees for day care, breakfast, lunch, and bus, see our Tuition and Fee Sheet. 

You might be surprised at the qualifying levels for tuition assistance. For example, for  2019-2020, a family of four would qualify for the STO Program at an estimated annual income of $100,400.

How do I make tuition payments? Monthly using the FACTS monthly payment plan, annually or semiannually with payments on or before July 1 and January 1. 

Other incentives your family may enjoy:

  • SCRIP rebates to offset tuition: Buy gift cards through our SCRIP program at face value and use them instead of cash or credit for your family's regular purchases of food, household items, clothing, gasoline, auto repairs and more.  Visit our Fundraising Page for more information. One-half of the rebate we earn goes toward your child's tuition.
  • State of Iowa tax credit: “Taxpayers who have one or more dependents attending grades KINDERGARTEN THROUGH TWELVE in an Iowa school may take a credit for each dependent for amounts paid for tuition and textbooks. The credit is 25% of the first $1,000 paid for each dependent for tuition and textbooks." For more information, consult your tax professional or see Iowa Department of Revenue FAQ #15

Deciding to send our children to St. Patrick School and Preschool has definitely been one of the best investments we have ever made. Every week we are amazed at the amount of learning and progress we see in the classroom work that our children bring home.

—Debbie, parent