Physical education class in the gym

Students in kindergarten through grade eight participate in physical education classes. Classes use the full-size gym across the street at St. Patrick Church as well as the hard surface and grassy areas at the school. All students are assessed on growth based on developmentally appropriate skills.

Health topics include nutrition, personal hygiene, exercise, time and stress management, and goal setting. Subjects such as stranger danger and home, bicycle, and pedestrian safety are covered as well. Guest speakers and technology are used to enhance the curriculum.

Our guidance program involves creating a student-centered classroom climate. This entails knowing and communicating with students individually, being accepting and challenging, leading guidance activities, providing information, and consulting with other personnel. Guidance standards include understanding self and others; communication; safe-self, healthy body, violence and drug awareness; conflict resolution; and Christian responsibility.

Flexible schedules allow for exciting and beneficial cross-curricular projects.

—Michelle, parent